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Baptisms (Christenings)

Celebrating new life and giving thanks to God

We are delighted to offer baptisms and if you are thinking about this for a young child then we recommend that firstly you visit us on a Sunday morning service – this is for you to check us out! And then we visit you to make the arrangements.

Baptisms can be carried out on any Sunday either during the service at 9.30 am or at a special service just for your family at 1 pm to fit in with your plans for the day. We understand that there are often people travelling long distances to join you for your special occasion.


You will need to find some suitable Godparents. You should be looking for three per child of whom at least one should be of the same sex as the child. They should be 18 or over and must be baptised themselves. Try to choose people who you think will support you in encouraging your child to live and grow as a Christian and eventually speak for themselves as they come to confirmation.

What it’s all about

Baptism is the first step along the Christian journey. During the service, parents and Godparents promise to turn away from sin and evil, and to turn to follow Jesus. They promise that they will bring up the child as a member of the church so that he or she may come to know Jesus for themselves, joining in worship and prayer with the Christian community. As your local church we are pleased to offer all the help we can to assist you and your child to fulfill your baptismal promises, but of course, the main responsibility for this is yours.
It also makes much more sense to have your child baptised in your local church. Many people choose another church for all kinds of reasons – but when you link with your local church – then your local church is enabled to be there for you – supporting you, praying for you, and offering practical help in the teaching of the Christian Faith to your child. We offer an after school club in both Cullingworth and Denholme Primary schools and invite you to bring your family to church regularly. We offer craft activity services and Sunday School classes. Young people are encouraged to join our Xplore group and have fun learning about God and playing games, going on outings together. We hope to bring those we baptise into our church family and eventually present them for confirmation where they can speak for themselves and become full members of the Church.

What to do next?

To book your Christening please contact  Revd Richard Burge  01535 273758 or email  or Revd Alison or our administrator Helen Ludkin on 07788 848830 or beneficehwcd@gmail.com  


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