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Wilsden Volunteer Car Scheme

The Volunteer Car Scheme offers lifts to people who do not have access to their own transport to places such as the Medical Centre, Hospital Outpatients and the Village Hall.? The scheme urgently needs more drivers as the demand from users is growing faster than can be met by the present number of drivers. Even if you only can spare a few hours a month this would be extremely helpful.? The users of the scheme refund the expenses of the drivers at 45p per mile.? While some of our volunteer drivers may do a number of trips a week some can only do an occasional trip a month and we can readily accommodate both.? If you can help or want to know more about what is involved please call either Margaret Harrison on 272305 or Peter Allison on 273403. Find below a couple of background documents about the scheme.

Wilsden Volunteer Car Scheme Driver welcome sheet
Wilsden Volunteer Car Scheme Operating Protocol

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