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    Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up.

Bible Course

Please could you ensure that you have signed up or let Suzy know if you are interested in attending the Bible Course. Numbers are needed in order to purchase the correct number of course manuals. Donations towards the cost of the manual will be gratefully accepted but are not compulsory (?5).

If you are interested but unable to attend either of the start dates please have a word with Suzy. There is always the possibility of another session if there is enough interest.

Saturday 8th September anyone interested in attending a day time session of the Bible Course? is invited to come to St. John’s Church at 10.00.

There will be some discussion about dates for the course at this First session.

It has been?suggested that the Saturday mornings could be alternate Saturdays. So the dates would be 8th Sept/22nd Sept/ 6th Oct/20th Oct/3rd Nov/17th Nov/1 Dec/15 Dec.

It has been suggested that Sunday afternoons might be better?

I am open to hear from those who are interested in Weekend and/or Daytime sessions. I do understand that not everyone is available every week and Saturdays/Sundays can be a particular problem. We need the daytime group to discuss when works best for them – do we need two daytime groups?

I will only be able to judge that when I can see/know how many people are interested.

Thursday 13th September in St. John’s Church the first Bible Course evening session is running. We are looking to be very well supported on Thursday evenings and that is wonderful.

Thank you.

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